Once, I just realized that camera helps me to capture people’s most beautiful and, at the same time, most expressive self. I call it a Character Portrait.


Women’s portraits:

Any, literally ANY woman is shining from within despite the age. I would just add some studio light to your natural shining and – Voilà! – your Character Portrait a la “Photo Portraits of Boris Bresler Art” is created! These keepsakes are sure to be treasured for generations because they reflect not only your external beauty but also your special spirit – the REAL you! There is no need to be an experienced model. The more natural you are at the photo session, the more fascinating and rewarding are the results!


Men’s portraits:

The above-said can be related to men, too. While creating a Man’s Character Portrait my goal is to show the depth of his nature. Something hidden deep inside. Bringing it up will result in fantastic amazing photo portraits.

B. . Bresler